Three factors affect the level of fee

in the form of a good business, fixed pay more and more people are willing to monthly, but into the tide of entrepreneurship, the choice of most franchise business. Franchise business is the first to consider the initial fee, fee of high and low, the main factors affecting the following.

1. franchise headquarters in the development stage.   when the headquarters of the franchise business is still in the fledgling stage of exploration, in order to attract more investors to expand the impact of the chain   join   headquarters are often willing to sell at a low price concession. And when the headquarters business is mature, and has a high reputation and a considerable number of   join   when, often will be strict selection of   join   who,   join   costs will rise.

2. franchise headquarters to provide assistance.   franchise headquarters for the franchise to provide assistance, is an important factor to decide the level of fees, because more assistance, the management expenses are also more, to make up for the management fees charged by   join   fees also increased.

3, franchise headquarters to carry out promotional activities.     chain; join   headquarters to carry out promotional activities, the costs are often joined by     bear, and   join   fee, so   join   fee and headquarters promotions frequency is proportional, but it is not certain and promotion effect proportional.

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