What are the tips for ice cream stores

the weather is hotter day by day, this time a delicious cool ice cream can help people get rid of the heat, but also enjoy the delicious. A lot of people have taken this opportunity, want to open their own ice cream store, but the fierce market competition so that the operator had to do a good job of propaganda, ice cream store what promotional skills?

propaganda, store renovation can not be sloppy

ice cream store decoration to do a good job, it is necessary to design decoration, the important thing is to be neat and clean. Ice cream shop wall paste wallpaper, you can take the season to take different colors of the wallpaper, of course, merchandise display should be neat Oh!

publicity two, distributed leaflets

ice cream stores printing leaflets to the cost is not high, but a lot of posters is for people to hand up and then threw out, so in the street aimlessly is useless, so according to the ice cream store products consumer groups targeted release.

publicity three, do membership card or integral

do membership card or integral card is a good way to promote the ice cream store, can greatly improve the rate of return to the ice cream store consumers, sales will have a good upgrade in the short term. Many ice cream stores in order to be able to change the old customers, will introduce some new friends to buy.

The role of

propaganda is to push the product into the market as soon as possible, so as to help operators to enhance popularity, promote store sales. Therefore, ice cream stores, we must do a good job in advance publicity, so as to be sought after by the public, to create more revenue.

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