first_imgThis month’s newsOn-board accidents Most occupational accidents aboard merchant ships occur while crew areperforming daily routine duties, scientists have found. A study of Danishmerchant ships over a five-year period found 1,993 accidents, of which 209 resultedin permanent disability and 27 were fatal. It recommended focusing on workplaceinstructions for important functions and the prevention of accidents caused bywalking around the ship. Miners’ compensation Compensation pay-outs to miners suffering from vibration white finger havenow topped £0.5bn, according to energy minister Brian Wilson. The figure wasrevealed during a visit to a vibration white finger testing centre at Stoke onTrent in February. Blood-lead monitoring There has been an appreciable fall in the total number of workers undersurveillance for blood-lead levels since 1999/2000, the HSE has said. In itsfigures for 2000/2001, it found the proportion of men with relatively highblood-lead measurements remained broadly level. For women the proportion rose,but numbers were small and tended to fluctuate from year to year, it added Diabetes guidelines The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has issued clinicalguidelines for the management of type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes. Theycover the screening for and management of retinopathy and the prevention ofrenal disease. A diabetes national service framework will be published by theGovernment later this year. Safety has low priority Most industry leaders still put safety way down the list of their businesspriorities, according to a survey by pollster Mori for the British SafetyCouncil. Generating profits for shareholders remains the top priority, among 84per cent of the 100 people polled. Only one in six, or 16 per cent, singled outimproving safety in the working environment. Deadly effects of alcohol Alcohol misuse is costing the NHS up to £3bn a year, with more than 28,000hospital admissions caused by alcohol dependence or poisoning, the charityAlcohol Concern has warned. Alcohol is implicated in 33,000 deaths a year – a33 per cent rise since 1984. More than 5,000 people a year died in England andWales as a direct result of drink, it added. European week for safety and health The theme for this autumn’s European week for safety and health is the issueof stress and will begin on 14 October. This is now the largest annualworkplace health and safety event in Europe, said the HSE. Action packs forthis year’s event will be available in May. First aid advice update The HSE has revised its basic advice on first aid at work, and its electricshock first aid procedures, leaflets and posters. They are designed to helpfirst aiders minimise injuries and illness until expert help arrives. levels A research report quantifying the levels of vibration from tractors has beenpublished by the HSE. The amount of vibration to which an operator was likelyto be exposed was measured, with researchers concluding further investigationwas needed into whole-body vibration emission levels. A study of various types of aprons used for protection against drop forgingprojectiles has been carried out by the Health and Safety Executive. Itconcluded that plate-link aprons were the optimum choice for use in suchapplications because of the protection they afforded. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. NewsOn 1 Apr 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img

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