Entrepreneurship must be careful to join the chain trap

a lot of entrepreneurs in order to avoid a fight a lone battle in the entrepreneurial process, love form chain to business, so you can get some assistance from the headquarter of entrepreneurship, but not all projects are worthy of choice, and one more pace franchise trap, entrepreneurs must be careful.

franchise in the field of tricks to keep upgrading, now bad leader won’t just join but will cheat, through some illusion to deceive the franchisees, franchisees cheated thought leader for his good! The secret

trap below you expose a popular

"kind" promotion plan for the franchisee, but their money

why their leader said money? This is the secret, the franchisee all goods must enter from the leader, even opening promotion, the purchase price is not changed. Join the popular promotional period, the amount of goods go big, but the franchisee does not earn money, or even lose money, the real money is. After the end of the promotional period, the franchisee business cold or not with the chief irrelevant, because as long as the franchisee purchase, he will make money.


"good" for the franchisee to pull customers, but "tricked" into the money

"good" for the franchisee to reduce investment, but in reality is the bait

There is a market leader in

, he always recommended to join

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