Clothing store management skills

with the basic necessities of life, fashion apparel industry has been booming, Daxing, meet the eye everywhere, so how can the clothing business well, stronger, bigger? Today let Xiaobian for you to engage in a number of years engaged in the clothing business expert summary of clothing store management skills!

The location of the

1 is more important than the size of the store, clothing is more important than the location of the good or bad. Even a small shop, but as long as they can provide customers with the best clothing, can compete with the big store.

2 can’t keep staring at customers. Not long winded entanglement. To allow customers to easily shop, otherwise the customer will be at a distance.

3 open clothing store is to serve the community and the existence of the service is the return of the profits. If you do not get a profit, that the service to the community is not enough, therefore, as long as the service is perfect, there will be profits.

4 sale of the pre sale service is not as good as flattery. This is the only rule of making permanent customers. – open clothing store success, depending on whether the first time to buy a fixed customer prosperity. It depends on whether you have the perfect after-sales service.

5 regard the transaction as their loved ones. Whether or not the customer’s support determines the rise and fall of the store. – this is the emphasis on interpersonal relationships. To put the customer as one family care, will get the customer’s favor and support. Therefore, we should be honest to understand the customer, and the right to grasp the actual situation.

6 clothing is not arranged in order, opened a clothing store: it is often out of order shop have a customer. – no matter what the store, customers should be able to feel rich clothing, you can choose. However, the types of clothing, or to tie in with the local customs and the class of customers, and toward specialization.

7 takes the blame of the customer as the voice of God, regardless of what to blame, to be happy to accept. "To listen to the views of the customer" is the focus of Mr. Matsushita often stressed to the staff, after listening to the immediate action. This is a necessary condition for a good clothing store.

8 procurement to be stable, simplified. This is the basis for the prosperity of the clothing store. Reasonable — with the flow of the market, it is also the responsibility of the manufacturer or wholesaler, however, do have plans to purchase a rationalization in stores on purpose, but in the specified before the purchase must first develop sales plan, sales plan in the face before, should first make profit plan.

9 do not have to worry about a shortage of funds, the concern is the lack of credit. – even if the money is sufficient, but can not do without credit clothing store. It’s just that credit is more important than anything else, and that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

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