Yiwu network group purchase website alliance Baotuan breakthrough bottlenecks and B2C

they had a Shiyao rattle, everywhere selling ginger sugar farmers, they were dragging Pidai shuttle in various shops, fairs salesman, their commercial acumen, started from a two per cent profit, their names and buttons, lighters, wholesale, puerile closely linked together, they are "the merchant of Yiwu".

to a piece of ginger sugar brick built the world’s largest commodity distribution center, part of Yiwu businessmen have started to look at the internet. "The Internet is not just a sales channel, but also a huge trading market. In fact, many network operators in Yiwu has reached a certain scale, we hope that after 35 years, Yiwu will become after Hangzhou and a gathering place for the development of electronic commerce." Lou Zhongping, founder of the double sucker.

how to break the bottleneck of further growth? Do e-commerce platform providers or brands do? Build brands or channel brand? A series of questions so that the self proclaimed "Yiwu network" people sit together.

Baotuan consensus

April 16th, Yiwu railway station is not far from the roof of an ordinary office building, a total of more than 100 people sit and business. Most of them are Zhejiang Jinhua area network operators engaged in Home Furnishing cloth, hardware equipment, accessories and other women’s business, including billionaire; they both from traditional production enterprises and foreign trade import and export companies, agents of the representative, also has B2C platform industry and C2C grass root sellers.

every Saturday afternoon is a routine meeting time to give every month, held the theme of Sharon, such party formed in the end of 2010, the main convener is the local well-known entrepreneurs, Soton Straw founder Lou Zhong ping. The earliest network through the QQ group to exchange information and experience, then people began to drink tea and chat line, eager to build closer ties increasingly strong desire.

I always go back and forth between the 3 QQ group, very troublesome, as we can meet directly." Lou Zhong Ping opened his own company as a gathering place for a garden on the roof fixed, and barbecue and barbecue cook, "while chatting, the form is very easy, but only to a few transactions is not our purpose. Almost every one or two months, the party will be upgraded to a large theme salon, specially invited from the government departments or foreign guests to discuss some of the more meaningful things."

theme salon has been held five times, this issue is the "Yiwu network and pushing the development of the brand of the road". "Yiwu network Baotuan" in January this year, the party has been put forward, the reason why reinforces this theme, mainly due to network operators who think: one is the Yiwu model has not yet been recognized by the outside world; two Yiwu network is generally low-key, not known to the outside world; the three is the Yiwu network in electric business do not have words right; four is in the physical market, Yiwu’s share of electricity providers has not yet produced influence, not enough to attract public attention.

Yiwu industry and Commerce Department of the latest release of the 2010 annual market

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