Month: February 2017

  • Vertical electricity supplier wants to break the acquisition of the curse C2B mode to seek a way out

    is vertical electric breaking only popular children and beginning of the old liquor business be acquired? Do not think so, "competition of family background" is already old tricks, recently, C2B (network network is trying to aggregate consumer demand oriented reverse mode electricity supplier) launched customized products to take the initiative to reduce bad mouthing vertical industry electric voice.

    so-called wine customization, that is, according to the specific needs of customers, from the quality and image design for customers to create a personal exclusive style of the product, simply is the C2B model of wine. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the network network recently began its first sale in its official website of customized products, priced at 198 yuan. read more

  • Suning com settled in Tmall have a fever 5 minutes delivery day

    recently, settled Tmall, with as the domain name of the Tmall flagship store officially unveiled. "Have a fever in festival, Tmall flagship store shelves 3 million pieces of goods, logistics and distribution of the fastest two hours fast up".

    at present, the shelves of goods concentrated in large appliances, 3C electronics and other advantages of the category, the future will gradually increase to the mother and baby, beauty makeup, supermarkets, overseas selection, etc.. The explosion of the list shows that commodity prices very attractive: notebook computer 7 fold, iphone6 (16g) for only 4498 yuan; refrigerator, washing machine 50 percent off, three SIEMENS refrigerator for only 5799 yuan. According to reports, Suning 195 cities in the country, the realization of the 1104 stores up to two hours, the fastest delivery time record is only about 5 minutes. read more

  • Jinzhong to build the agricultural business platform 76 thousand farmers selling vegetables on the

    only Yuci District, last night, under the 370 orders, the transaction amount of nearly $20 thousand, of which the sale of agricultural products accounted for 40%." In September 28th, the general manager of Jinzhong Tian Lin software technology services company principle, excitedly introduced "Huinong mall" increase income of farmers in Jinzhong trading results to reporters. "Huinong mall" is the city of Jinzhong tailored business platform is the extension and upgrading of farmers’ income, the income of the farmers understand the card. Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of agriculture to give a positive evaluation, that is the future direction of the development of rural e-commerce. read more

  • Electricity supplier how to steady development from vertical to horizontal development

    2012 is China’s electricity supplier in the winter, a number of groups fell or was the acquisition of electricity suppliers will be a symbol of Chinese electricity providers on a pessimistic. As we are familiar with the personal clothing brand D web, mainly to group purchase Groupon, jointly built by Japan Lotte Group and Baidu cool days, and has been the beginning of VANCL acquisition, etc.. However, in 2012 Chinese business has been bad mouthing and spread to 2013 at the same time, there are more business on the rise, but the current is called "counter attack" China electricity supplier, fourth quarter earnings announcement, seems to explain to people that the spring has come, the electricity supplier. So, the winter is not gone, spring has come from? We China process to analyze the development of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier will China why the downturn in the collective, and some people are still optimistic about the Chinese business and have begun to make the overall layout. read more

  • Taobao moved to rock his feet curve salvation dream shattered

    recently, Baidu blocked a number of so-called "Taobao" website, automatic generation, by stopping the machine included these highly repetitive content shopping guide website, purify the network environment, enhance the use of the search user experience, get a group of visionary Internet webmaster appreciation. Soon, Taobao issued a statement to blame Baidu practice violated the public’s right to know, damage the interests of the webmaster Taobao guest".

    Taobao flustered because it is marked as can be imagined, the "Quxianjiuguo" dream out, once again proved its do "shooting itself in the foot. Everybody moved the bench to watch the fun. read more

  • Nine wins GLOBE7 advertising adjustment please pay attention to


            GLOBE7 advertising from the download and installation and registration process to send mobile phone download and installation and registration, the new process is relatively simple, do not need to send mobile phone, advertising effect will be significantly improved, thus advertising prices have also been adjusted, the new process of advertising and advertising prices from the beginning of October 15, 2007, please see detailed in the code.

            welcome the webmaster to put this advertisement! read more

  • Taobao Tmall hidden commodity turnover users worried about promoting single brush


    ] January 22nd news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, from January 27, 2016 onwards, Taobao Ali retail platform and Tmall product details page "record" will no longer display area. Taobao said the move is to protect the data security businesses.

    although the transaction display area will be hidden, but the original sales and evaluation information before the business does not disappear, will still be normal accumulation.  

    Taobao and Tmall stressed that the "record" off the line after the merchant’s goods sales still exist, but not shown in the details of the transaction details page, there is no impact on business operations and sales, businesses can participate in various marketing activities in accordance with the usual standard. read more

  • Hold Jingdong Tmall promotion has not yet begun to highlight the sniper

    April, Dangdang Gome first opened a prelude to the electricity supplier giant price war, then the price war to high Chao, while the B2C giant Jingdong has not much response. The April war seems to be fired at the Jingdong, and this year the price war has just begun, the first half is to hold the best Jingdong, pull down. There will be more intense price war in the second half, because the second half of the price war target will be Tmall.


    ignore rivals to challenge

    Jingdong began early this year to compete with Tmall, said to be a showdown with Tmall, but Tmall has not responded, did not let the Jingdong public relations campaign to succeed, now the Jingdong has not the original challenge Tmall’s arrogance, because now is, Dangdang Gome Bi is very tight. In April, began to Tmall declare war, Suning Jingdong didn’t put in the eye, target opponent only Tmall, but Tmall also does not respond to the challenge of suning. read more

  • Shanghai wing code to make money model 6 years has never taken money

    almost every day there are investors to visit the company, there are many media interviews row over." Shanghai wing code brand manager Xiao Juncheng told reporters describe their own happiness troubles. In spite of the two-dimensional code industry chain, Shanghai wing code has been low-key 6 years of struggle, the two-dimensional code can be rushed to fame or let the industry veteran, "some unexpected.

    wing code suddenly busy in the two-dimensional code of this complex system is just the tip of the iceberg, which is hidden behind a huge feast of mobile internet. read more

  • SAC interpretation of the person in charge of the online real name filing system

    the most fundamental purpose of this approach is to regulate online transactions and services, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the network economy." The Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services administration of the State Administration for Industry and commerce departments responsible person released in April 2nd "(Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") said in an interview with reporters. read more