Month: May 2017

  • Common shop visual decoration diseases and Solutions

    a lot of friends want to open the shop to achieve their wealth of dreams, but open shop is not as simple as imagined, there are a lot of visual decoration errors need us to pay attention to. So, what are the common shop decoration errors? Is there a solution?

    <br conditions="" (a):="" navigation="" product="" classification="" is="" not="" prominent=""

    <br shop="" without="" the="" reasonable="" classification="" of="" products,="" result="" will="" only="" allow="" buyers="" to="" enter="" there="" is="" a="" feeling="" that="" be="" at="" loss,="" risk="" loss="" customers.="" read more

  • Successful entrepreneurs need to look at the fate

    on the success of entrepreneurship is a lot of examples, there are a lot of people in their hearts that they are because of "life" to succeed, some people think it is because the "luck" in the end is the "life" or "shipped"?

    1, "life", can not control the environment in the Internet industry, not good business named can be called "Internet value-added services"; the business on the road, uncertain factors can be summed up as "life". Here’s life, we can not control the environment. This is also the last condition, is also the weakest condition. But sometimes it can be predicted, for example, in 1948, do not join the KMT; for example, today, do not buy a house. read more

  • Suqian to promote young people to return home to participate in Entrepreneurship

    Most of the young

    had engaged in agricultural work as a low-end choice, along with the development of modern agriculture and the countryside to carry out electronic commerce, modern agricultural potential gradually, gradually increased to business people engaged in agricultural production.

    for the Suqian municipal government to seriously implement the "notice" of young people during the Spring Festival to do the promotion work of the farmer entrepreneurial spirit of the document, Sucheng District nonggong ban the use of migrant workers returning home before the Spring Festival time, a variety of ways to carry out a campaign of young talent farming industry. read more

  • Open underwear stores need to do what the preparatory work to make small weapon


    underwear is worn inside the clothes, but because it is a close fitting clothing, so people will be very careful when choosing. What do you need to do to prepare the underwear store? Small series for your weapon!

    1. for women’s underwear business license

    apply for license of lingerie business units (including private enterprise), shall submit the following application materials:

    <br: (1)="" application="" (should="" specify="" the="" reason,="" purpose,="" unit="" name,="" business="" scope,="" sources="" and="" amount="" of="" capital,="" address,="" place="" area,="" economic="" nature,="" mode="" operation);=""
    read more

  • Open a casserole shop what needs to be done to prepare all the

    now like what casserole, spicy hot, rice vermicelli are more popular investment in small food items. Although the shop is doing business better and better, but to open after the easy money, the first thing to know what to do to open the casserole shop. But before opening the casserole shop, the most important thing is to find a good project. At present, there are hundreds of domestic brands. On the influence of the brand, the reputation is better in the casserole. Zhang casserole series of products, delicious, affordable, in line with the current needs of consumers to buy, you can join the proceeds read more

  • How to choose hot pot franchise

    winter’s most popular food and beverage business projects when the number of hot pot restaurants, hot hot pot brings fiery profits. For those who want to engage in hot pot to join the novice, after the selection of the brand, how to store location is the first issue to be considered.

    <br hot="" pot="" to="" join="" the="" project="" is="" a="" investment="" catering="" industry="" entrepreneurs="" join.="" in="" investment,="" choice="" and="" headquarters="" open="" shop="" new="" choice.="" novice="" first="" time="" store,="" for="" franchise="" location="" problems="" sometimes="" overwhelmed.="" want="" give="" stores="" choose="" good="" need="" master="" some="" methods.="" today,="" several="" methods="" introduced="" following="" can="" help="" you="" busy.="" let's="" get="" together.="" read more

  • How to successfully run a beauty salon franchise

    investment venture is to hope that their career is bigger and bigger, more and more beautiful business prospects. If you invest in beauty salons franchise, then you need to be able to operate on the store can get rich on track. How to get a good profit? Many businesses want to learn more.

    , beauty salon marketing courage to break the common sense

    beauty industry always seeking new ideas, the customer’s thoughts a day a pattern, the market economy changes very fast. How do you deal with to make their own beauty salon franchise strong efforts today, tomorrow harvest. As a beauty salon franchise investors, not just to learn the technical knowledge of the beauty industry, as the boss should be hard to learn under the beauty industry technology, marketing, service knowledge. There is a very good slogan to say, "investment in stocks, down! Investment in the property market, down! Investment knowledge, win!" read more

  • What are the procedures required to run the shop

    mom and pop shop is becoming more popular, this kind of store is generally no milk powder products, if you want to act on the product, you need to provide some proof. If you want to know more details, you can look at the small series finishing information, I hope to help you start a business.

    Retail store mother

    <br general="" (not="" attached="" to="" the="" baby="" shower,="" massage="" and="" other="" services)="" you="" need="" a="" business="" license,="" food="" distribution="" license="" (including="" dairy="" products,="" infant="" formula="" milk="" powder),="" tax="" registration="" (in="" fact="" do="" not="" line,="" can="" see="" local="" policy).="" read more

  • Ningxia District Department of special policy awesome start re tonic note

    of the Ningxia autonomous region to implement the new policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs continue to inject tonic". Under the guidance and policy, not only more and more entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial quality is also rising.

    recently, my area will lead the founder of agricultural science and technology personnel operating entity inject a needle tonic, agreed to continue to support the agricultural science and technology personnel lead science and technology service enterprises. The Organization Department of the autonomous region reiterated continue to support scientific and technical personnel to the relevant provisions of the business, does poineering work from science and technology correspondent is not included in the official investment enterprises to clean up the range, eliminating the grass-roots entrepreneurship years of science and technology correspondent for the fate of doubt, entrenched their entrepreneurial confidence. read more

  • How to choose the brand of clothing to join the brand clothing store

    improve the standard of living, people’s demand for the brand clothing bursting, so many entrepreneurs have joined the brand clothing to get rich. For the clothing brand choice, many entrepreneurs have made a difficult, I do not know how to choose.

    <br: (1)="" do="" not="" believe="" that="" the="" headquarters="" of="" oral="" promise="" to=""

    some anxious to join too, read the relevant documents provided by the headquarters time-consuming, they chose to listen to the headquarters or their agents for oral presentation. Franchisee must pay attention to not impulsive, to the headquarters of the formal signing of the written documents issued shall prevail. If there is any objection to the interpretation of the written documents, it shall require the headquarters to issue a written explanation of the document, and do not take any account of the verbal commitment of the staff at any level, or they will have disputes in the future operation. read more