Month: July 2017

  • Web data analysis how to meet the data needs of different business units

    product needs only direct user pain point, in order to be accepted by the user, access to product success. As a data analyst, we should understand how to make different analysis reports according to the needs of different departments, so as to achieve effective communication between departments and improve efficiency.

    has a purpose to do everything. As a data analyst, we need to know who is spending our data analysis What kind of data report do they need?

    in general, the data you analyze is for business owners, product departments, and operations departments. This section describes the common requirements of these three departments and the common ways of presenting data. read more

  • The stationmaster also comes to talk about the wind of filing

    now these days, the Internet seems to have blown up the pot, what is so fire, that is, for the record, close the station, these words are too familiar to the webmaster and too afraid. From yesterday’s bus and today more domain name was forced to suspend the use of the station… This road is more and more difficult to walk, the owners are not always completely destiny in their own hands, not to discuss why these stations were closed, from now hot for the wind to talk about

    personal views!The first read more

  • New learning notes for Valley best competition

    today about 23:30, I found my site promotion in the Google rankings, to the second page first, although still very backward, never mind, just let me tread on air, these days I do what


    first, learning to participate in the site of the heroes do the construction of the chain, here is very grateful to the webmaster and I exchanged links. Maybe my site’s Google ranking upgrade is this reason. Of course, you have to see other major link ( and habits, to link site sent their link address? I personally think that this address in the future Google next update, there will be no small weight value. Of course, must go to the relevant site. read more

  • Site four heavy song passion disappointment insipid confidence

    as the saying goes, "what do you complain about" as a webmaster, in fact, very much blame the profession, but there is no way, since the choice of this road, you must always go down. Now we are in a recession environment, it is difficult to find a suitable job, it is better to be a up occupation – station, because the station is very low threshold, more and more people to join the webmaster industry, want to earn some income through the website, improve the living environment. The cause of their success, not know stationmaster is very tired, through the site, family career is very difficult, after all, like "webmaster nets" such well-known sites across the country have? No toil and sweat may not have become today. Here on my new online site (free home, and we explore the web site after the complex psychological process, for those who have just joined the webmaster industry a reference. read more

  • Talking about small websites what should we do

    in 2009, 1 yuan discount last year CN domain name to Chinese personal website before the so-called some growth, the future personal website will also present the unceasing increase, this is the progress of the times an inevitable result. For the small webmaster, we are concerned about how to survive in many webmaster, how to grow up quickly. Do not stand there, do not care about this. Many webmaster may have read some articles, said that now the website type is comprehensive, it can be said that involving aspects is very wide, you can think of may other people can also think of. Therefore, only by persistence can we succeed. read more

  • Talk about how new Adsense chooses advertising alliance

    webmaster in the entire Internet system can be regarded as vulnerable groups, a few days ago the "original" incident, the ultimate victims is our webmaster, telecom owners complain incessantly be careless with. Hard to establish the site, once destroyed, we all know that if the server stops for 3 days, Baidu will K station, the front of hard work and pay are white stream. Therefore, the choice of advertising alliance is very important, because most of the Adsense or advertising revenue, if the ad did not choose, it is likely that 1 months traffic will be wasted. read more

  • Feel Baidu domain name search new function

    saw a netizen said the Baidu search engine, before the opening of the new domain name search function, you only need to enter the search box any domain name, you can draw a relevant page appears the domain name on the network. I am curious to try to search the, and indeed found the domain name related pages.

    search the domain name before the domain name search function is opened. If the site is collected, it will only appear as a result of the url. Users are limited in their understanding of unfamiliar domain names and can not learn more about a domain name. read more

  • Exchange links platforms resources tasks impressions

    this is the second task, compared to micro-blog promotion task difficulty last time I still feel not much difference, mainly to exercise executive power, to meet the requirement of the mission is not difficult to do a lot of effort. Next, I’d like to say some thoughts about the task since the task was released.

    Before the

    mission begins:

    1, make plans and arrange the time.

    four days of work time, we should plan for the first time, these four days to do what, and only arranged the plan can be methodically. My arrangement was simple, collecting data two days ago and analyzing data two days later. In this way, try to do one thing at the time of the plan. Don’t worry about how much you have collected. read more

  • Let Fab embarrassed maternal flash sales site Zulily why can rapid growth

    [introduction] let promotional mail become "art", close to the female psychology, let the product have feelings, draw small brands, complete low-cost operation.

    Tencent technology Xu Shuzhi reported October 10th

    "our task is to keep growing very fast every single day."." Darrell Cavens, one of the founders of Zulily, the baby’s flash purchase website, said so. And now, Zulily has gained recognition from the outside world for its "growing speed". read more

  • As a farmer how do we start a business

    with the narrowing of the gap between urban and rural areas, the living standards of the people in the villages and towns are constantly improving. Many farmers have a good day at the same time do not forget to start business, want to make their lives better and better. So as a farmer, how should we start our hometown?

    A, rural Internet cafes. With the rapid development of the information industry, many farmers have begun to use the Internet to promote their products, leaving home will make merchants gathered. Open the Internet, can regularly publish information on supply, price, industry and other aspects of farmers, can greatly promote the rapid flow of agricultural products. Today, surfing the Internet is not a few people, online learning, entertainment, search for information has become an important part of the cultural life of farmers. Therefore, the rural Internet cafes, the prospects are very promising. read more