Month: February 2021

  • Dell Visor Has Arrived; Order Today

    first_img[UPDATE 10/17/17] Starting today, get your hands on the Dell Visor! Through the Dell Visor headset and one of our compatible Windows 10 PC’s you now have access to Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality platform, blending the physical world with the digital world to create a variety of gaming and lifestyle experiences. Learn more on Also, beginning Saturday, October 21, try out Microsoft’s Mixed Reality for yourself in 200 U.S. Best Buy stores. The demos include 360 degree videos, and more.Ah, the thrill of a first. Remember your first bicycle, or skateboard, or scooter? The rush of the wind, that incredible sense of freedom? We’re having one of those seminal moments right now with the imminent release of the Dell Visor, our first-ever mixed reality headset for the Windows Mixed Reality (MR) platform.At Computex 2017, we gave people a peek at our headset design, and we’ve spent the last few months perfecting every aspect. In partnership with Microsoft, Dell is excited to offer a mixed reality headset for the masses, building on our leadership in VR and our work with HTC and Oculus to bring you accessible, immersive VR experiences.Last week at IFA, we announced additional details on the Dell Visor and reception has been overwhelming from customers and press with several honoring it with a “Best of IFA” title including The Telegraph, Ubergizmo, Recombu and Deccan Chronicle. Now the wait is over!The Dell Visor is available for pre-order today on and in the US and and PC World in the UK. The Dell Visor will start shipping globally on Oct. 17, just in time for the holidays at $349.99 USD (headset) and $99.99 USD (controllers), or $449.99 USD (headset and controllers kit). It will also be available at the Microsoft Store,, Best Buy stores, and other retailers starting in October.The headset is sleek and stylish, with gorgeous white contours, complemented by the black handheld controllers. The flip-up visor is engineered for convenient transitions, but it’s a cool sensation just raising and lowering it, like a sleek pair of Ray-Bans.“Dell Visor is a super comfortable VR headset that should win over the haters.ShareNow let’s talk comfort. Tech Radar says the “Dell Visor is a super comfortable VR headset that should win over the haters….The headband is easily adjustable for any size head, weighted for a more stable feel, and the headset is designed to avoid pressure on the user’s nose and cheeks, so you can wear it for extended periods without feeling like your face is tired.” The thoughtful design even extends to cable management, routing cords to the back for better freedom of movement so users won’t trip over themselves.But does it deliver? Oh yeah. Beyond looks and comfort, the Dell Visor offers an optimal mixed reality experience. Prepare to escape into amazing new worlds – and the digital office if you need – with an immersive, life-like, MR experience with high resolution of 1440 x 1440 per eye, dual 2.89” LCD panels and blazing refresh rate of 90Hz. The Fresnel lenses deliver a field of view of 110 degrees and a breathtaking 360 panoramic view.Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, the visor takes advantage of the same technology used in the Microsoft HoloLens including 6-DoF, inside-out tracking, with the headset itself able to scan your surroundings instead of satellite emitters positioned inside the room. Meaning that it takes less time and no equipment for set up, so you can immerse yourself in mixed reality experiences right away. .Speaking of Gameplay, you can access games and other MR content via the Windows Store at launch and Steam Store in the future. Read the Microsoft blog to learn more about immersive mixed reality experiences.The Dell Visor is compatible with many Windows Mixed Reality PCs including Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptops and Inspiron Gaming Desktops and additional PCs that we are working with Microsoft to qualify as Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs. If you are planning to pair your Dell Visor with an existing PC, Dell recommends a laptop or desktop that meets the Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PC specifications as they offer greater intensity and a broader selection of experiences. Check the Microsoft blog for more details.We are also offering bundles starting with the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop with an NVIDIA 1050ti, Dell Visor and Controllers for $1249. Stay tuned for more bundles that will be featured on VR market is young but ready to rock, expected to grow to more than 215 million active users by 2025. We’re thrilled to jump in at the water’s edge with the most VR-ready solutions of any PC company. Whether you’re a power gamer or a virtual beginner, Dell wants to be your end-to-end technology partner offering you immersive experiences you will love. Let’s jump in together!last_img read more

  • Dell EMC is Taking Azure Stack to the Tactical Edge

    first_imgThe promise of Microsoft Azure Stack is to make Azure services available on-premises as organizations are increasingly deploying hybrid cloud approaches. Imagine the power of running these same services where “on-premises” extends to being in the field and truly remote locations. Now you can put your imagination to work because Dell EMC just made this scenario a reality.Today we are excited to announce the Dell EMC Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack, a ruggedized and field-deployable product for Azure Stack which will be available beginning in the United States during the first quarter of this year. It will be sold and supported by Dell EMC and our partners, and availability will be extended to other countries throughout the year.Tactical Azure Stack is the first and only ruggedized Azure Stack product available for tactical edge deployments. Based on our proven all-flash Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack, it brings an Azure consistent-cloud to operating environments with:Limited or no network connectivityFully mobile, or high portability (“2-person lift”) requirementsHarsh conditions requiring military specifications solutionsHigh security requirements, with optional connectivity to Azure Government and Azure Government SecretThis new offering demonstrates how Dell EMC leveraged our server design expertise and our exclusive partnership with Tracewell Systems to develop a new platform that expands Azure Stack use cases. For customers, it provides a familiar environment and consistent experience for Azure-based services in the field. In addition, Tactical Azure Stack incorporates Dell EMC features including automated patch and update capabilities, PowerEdge hardware management, and integration with Isilon, CloudLink, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Customers also benefit with one call to Dell EMC for service and support of the entire hardware stack.The product’s core components are identical to our currently shipping all-flash Data Center Azure stack offering. For cloud operators, developers and tenants, there are no differences between the Tactical Azure Stack and Data Center Azure Stack. Our industry exclusive firmware update automation and Dell EMC services and support are all consistent whether you’re running in a comfortable data center or in a harsh, mobile, or forward deployed environment.The management case includes the hardware lifecycle host, 25GbE Top of Rack switches, as well as the baseboard management switch. Additional “core” transit cases, each holding two T-R640 scale unit servers can be added up to the full node limits of Microsoft Azure Stack. At just 41.5” high, and 25.6” operating depth, the Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack unlocks a wide variety of use cases for government, military, energy and mining applications. It can also be ideal in forward deployments and mobile environments in marine, aerospace and other harsh or demanding conditions.We are thrilled to be leading the way to the Tactical Edge in partnership with Tracewell Systems and Microsoft. For more information about how to join us in this exciting journey, follow Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack for more information and contact your Dell EMC account representative.last_img read more

  • Back to Bare Metal with Dell EMC and Ironic

    first_imgWhy Bare Metal?As the world makes progress towards Software Defined Everything with virtualization, abstraction and containerization. Bare Metal management is becoming the center of attention. That means consumers can deploy platforms, like vSphere, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and direct bare metal workloads. Bare metal is primarily used for automated hardware lifecycle management and configuration at the data center, edge and remote sites. This allows automating the infrastructure in a uniform, consistent manner across all sites.In addition to making the infrastructure easier to consume, operate and manage, bare metal deployments provide advantages with the performance, resource utilization, costs and even regulatory compliance of the data center. In fact, Dell & AT&T are working with the Airship community to add support for bare metal management by Airship utilizing IronicWhere does Ironic fit in?“We live in an API-driven world,” says Julia Kreger at the Open Infrastructure Summit, Denver, April 2019, while announcing OpenStack Foundation’s Bare Metal Program, Ironic.Ironic allows users to manage the end to end lifecycle of bare metal infrastructure just as if they are managing virtual machines. The adoption of Ironic is growing at a rapid scale with a quarter of all OpenStack deployments relying on it. Dell EMC Hardware enables many of the production deployments to host cloud applications and container frameworks like Kubernetes on bare metal infrastructure. In addition, OpenStack TripleO (OpenStack-on-OpenStack) and Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP) director (OSPd) utilize Ironic for OpenStack cloud deployment on bare metal.Ironic is important for Edge Computing user stories because, Edge Computing requires a small foot print and the ability to manage and deploy application instances over WAN networks.  The new features added in the Train release, get us that much closer to being able to manage zero or low touch remote deployments. – Beth Cohen, OpenStack Foundation Edge User Group and DMTS – NFV/SDN Network Product Strategy, Verizon Business GroupDell EMC and IronicMillions of compute cores worldwide are managed using OpenStack Ironic and Dell EMC remains a popular infrastructure/NFVi choice.Dell EMC has been a supporter of OpenStack and the Ironic project since it’s conception phase. We ensure that Dell EMC servers support all the relevant Ironic drivers: IPMI, Redfish and iDRAC. iDRAC drivers are embedded within every Dell EMC PowerEdge server and provide functionality that helps IT administrators deploy, update and monitor the serves anywhere, anytime. Starting from OSP 13, Dell EMC servers are the first to be certified for Red Hat Open Stack Bare Metal.Our latest releases are industry-leading to ensure that we stay current with OpenStack.Figure 1 shows a 10 node stack based architecture, using Dell EMC servers that support Ironic.With the OpenStack Train release, Dell EMC has included:An update to the latest iDRAC driver for R640, R740, R740xd, DSS9100Support for the latest 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable ProcessorsSupport for PowerEdge Boot Optimized Storage Solution (BOSS) controller as a RAID controllerInclude PERC H740PTransition to a Hybrid driver with Redfish/WSMan driver, including support for Redfish OOB introspection, power and management interfacesImprovements to RAID interface, improved queue management, improved robustnessIronic maintains third-party CI which tests all proposed code changes against vendors’ supported drivers and hardware. Dell EMC is #1 in Converged Infrastructure and is running Ironic third-party CI on PowerEdge and Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) servers. We have the most comprehensive driver coverage – testing IPMI, Redfish and iDRAC on both UEFI and BIOS boot modes. Dell EMC at the OIS Summit, ShanghaiJoin us at Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai this week! We will be in Gold Hall booth #SL3 sharing how Dell Technologies can accelerate your OpenStack Solutions. We will have experts on hand to talk about how our Ironic solutions can help your business grow.Can’t be at the event? We have documentation that provides more information on managing. Check out our Telco Service Provider Solutions and see how Dell Technologies has infinite solutions from the core to the edge to help you on your journey to 5G.last_img read more

  • Italy’s Conte: Draghi’s new government should be political

    first_imgROME (AP) — As Mario Draghi tries to secure lawmakers’ backing to govern Italy, the nation’s outgoing leader is warning the former European Central Bank chief against forming a Cabinet of “technocrats.” Caretaker Premier Giuseppe Conte on Thursday said he had a  “very open” talk a day with Draghi, shortly after Italy’s president asked the banking expert to try to form a government to replace Conte’s collapsed coalition. Draghi must win confidence votes in Parliament before he can govern. Conte said Italy’s pandemic-fueled health and economic emergencies “require a political response” and can’t be entrusted to technocrats. Conte’s appeal might inspire the splintering, populist 5-Star Movement that anchored his government to back Draghi.last_img read more

  • Artist creates natural portrait of Lewis in Atlanta park

    first_imgATLANTA (AP) — Freedom Park in Atlanta is doubling as the canvas for one of the city’s portraits of the late civil rights icon and congressman John Lewis. Artist and progressive activist Stan Herd created this so-named Earthwork with natural materials. He’s known for creating similar representational portraits around the world. The temporary installations only last as long as nature allows, eventually fading away. Lewis died in July at the age of 80 after battling pancreatic cancer. He served in the House for 33 years representing Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, which includes most of Atlanta.last_img read more