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  • House on prominent street sells at auction

    first_imgThe Aaron Ave property owned by Gina Rinehart.The property is across the road from riverside homes, including one bought by Wingfield Avenue, a subsidiary of Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting, for $14 million in 2014. Wingfield Avenue also purchased the neighbouring vacant block for $4 million not long after.In East Brisbane, a three-bedroom Queenslander also sold at auction on Saturday. Inside 56 Norman St, East Brisbane.The house is on a 473sq m block and currently has three bedrooms, a sleep out and separate living, dining and kitchen.The kitchen has been renovated and has soft close drawers and stone benchtops. Mr Andersen said with many homes on Norman St already raised, the property at No. 56 provided the prefect opportunity for a buyer looking to raise and renovate a classic Queenslander. Some of the crowd watching the auction of 33 Aaron Ave, Hawthorne. (AAP image, John Gass)Proceedings kicked off with an opening bid of $1.8 million and the price quickly increased to $2 million thanks to two keen buyers. Auctioneer George Trovas paused the auction at that point to seek vendor instructions.After some back and forth between the highest bidder and the vendor, the auction resumed with a new highest bid of $2.12 million. The contemporary property was called on the market and, with the two other bidders remaining silent, the home sold. The home at 56 Norman St, East Brisbane.Marketing agent Soren Andersen, of Kangaroo Point Real Estate, said the property at 56 Norman St sold for $851,000. The auction attracted six registered bidders and an opening bid $750,000. Mr Andersen said bidders were keen and the price quickly increased into the $800,000 before selling under the hammer. “It was a hugely successful auction, which generated about 65 groups through the property, three offers prior to auction and six bidders under auction conditions,” he said. center_img Auctioneer George Trovas and Ray White Bulimba principal Roger Carr negotiate with a bidder. (AAP image, John Gass)The successful buyer was a family man who attended the auction with his wife and two young sons. The couple asked not to be named.The man’s wife said they only viewed the property the day before the auction but the combination of prime location and quality home sealed the deal for them. Ray White Bulimba marketing agent, Michael Clarke said the $2.12 million price tag represented good value for money on such a prestigious street. More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investorless than 1 hour agoThe open-plan kitchen at 33 Aaron Ave, Hawthorne.“The auction went very well and the vendors are happy,” he said.“They can now move on. We sold them a block of land some three months ago.”Mr Clarke said the property received nothing but positive feedback. “Everyone said they loved the home and why wouldn’t you,” he said.“It’s a great address and the home offers everything for the young family.” The home at 33 Aaron Ave, Hawthorne, sold for $2.12 million at auction.A THREE-STOREY home, on the same street as a $14 million mansion owned by Gina Rinehart, has sold under the hammer in Brisbane. The five-bedroom property with pool and rooftop terrace at 33 Aaron Ave, Hawthorne sold for $2.12 million on Saturday. The auction attracted three registered bidders and about 30 spectators.last_img read more

  • Space age crop production on planet Earth

    first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Peter Ling and Mary WicksGrowing crops in a completely controlled environment would appear to address many of the challenges farmers face from variability in temperature and rainfall to infestations of insects and weeds. However, replicating the “bioregenerative support system” that is Earth, is not easy. As engineers and scientists work to create such a system that would allow for long-term space travel or living, they are developing technologies that are being used to increase crop production at home. What is needed for a bioregenerative support system?This artificial ecosystem needs to provide everything required by humans to sustain life. Plants are the crucial component. They produce the oxygen we breathe, assimilate the carbon dioxide we exhale, transpire the water that can be collected for drinking and other uses, and process wastewater and absorb nutrients through their rootzone. Finally, as a result of all these functions, plants produce the food and fiber we need. High tech crop productionMany of the techniques and tools created for growing crops in space have been adopted to address the Earth-bound challenges of feeding a growing population, minimizing use of water and other resources, and protecting the environment. Two technologies considered to have high potential to meet these needs are plant health monitoring and vertical farming, which are often used in combination.Instruments that can quickly and/or remotely monitor the growing environment as well as plant response allow for early intervention that can significantly improve crop performance. In greenhouse production, sensors that detect real time changes in temperature, humidity, light level, or CO2 concentration can be coupled with controllers that auto correct these environmental factors to optimize plant growth. Drones equipped with sensors that detect variations in light wavelengths emitted or reflected by a crop can be used in a greenhouse or field to help identify early signs of disease, insect infestations, or other stressors. Similarly, monitoring changes in plants’ responses to the environment, such as changes in photosynthetic or respiration rates, can help minimize production losses.Vertical farming allows for significant crop production within a small footprint and with reduced water needs. It can utilize soil, hydroponic or aeroponic methods and can be adapted for challenging environments such as deserts or cities. Companies are developing vertical growing systems that can be incorporated into high-rise office or apartment buildings as well as into small modular farms that allow for easy transport and scaled-up. Looking to the futureCurrent research is focused on improving the efficiency of growing systems. It includes optimizing resource utilization and nutrient recycling, and methods that allow spacing requirements to vary throughout the growth cycle. As new technologies for bioregenerative support systems in space are developed, crop production on Earth will continue to benefit. Dr. Peter Ling is an Associate Professor and Mary H. Wicks is a Program Coordinator in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering of The Ohio State University. E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] Phone: (330)202-3533. This column is provided by the OSU Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, OSU Extension, Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.last_img read more

  • How to Create a Hyperlapse Plus 3 Cool Example Videos

    first_imgHyperlapse is motion applied to timelapse…and it’s sweeping the pro video community. In this post learn how to create your own hyperlapse video and check out a few impressive examples.Image from Trey Ratcliff on FlickrOver the last few years hyperlapse has become a sought-after video shooting technique. Unlike timelapse which is usually shot from a fixed position (tripod) or with subtle movement (slider/dolly), Hyperlapse requires the camera to be moved through long distances. The result are visually dynamic shots, with the camera sweeping around an object in hyper speed.As if timelapse shots weren’t tricky enough, hyperlapse shots require an even greater degree of technical skill and tricks – making sure the camera is stable and moves at a set interval for each frame.In this entertaining video tutorial by Indy Mogul, you’ll get a quick primer on how to shoot your own hyperlapse video using a tripod, chalk, tape measure and camera with intervalometer (in-camera tool for taking shots at a set interval). Bonus tip: Using the After Effects warp stabilizer gives a nice smooth result to your Hyperlapse footage.Want to see more examples of Hyperlapse shooting? Check out the videos below that showcase Hyperlapse shots in a variety of conditions and environments. Then, get out there and experiment on your own!last_img read more

  • Tottenham Hotspur’s New Year derby vs West Ham United postponed due to safety concerns

    first_imgTottenham Hotspur’s New Year’s Eve fixture against London rivals West Ham United has been moved to January 4 due to safety concerns, the Premier League said on Monday.The league made the decision after the Safety Advisory Group at Wembley Stadium could only recommend a maximum crowd of 43,000 for the initial date, which was less than half the capacity.”The League selected this match for 31 December with the expectation that a regular crowd capacity would be able to attend,” the Premier League said in a statement.”However, despite significant work by all parties to achieve this, ultimately the Safety Advisory Group at Wembley Stadium would only recommend a maximum crowd of 43,000.”The main reason for the decision was transport issues, mainly at local tube stations.The match will kick off at 2000 GMT, two days after Spurs visit Swansea City.last_img read more

  • NDP Quebec looking to bring leftleaning nonsovereigntist voters to the fold

    first_imgMONTREAL – For the New Democratic Party of Quebec, the connection to its federal counterpart ends with the name.There’s no working relationship between the new provincial party and its national namesake, and that suits NDP Leader Raphael Fortin fine.“The law in Quebec forbids provincial parties from being linked to federal parties,” said Fortin, 38, who was elected leader in January. “So apart from sharing a community of ideas and carrying a similar party name … there’s no organic link between the parties.”Fortin said his party aims to fill a void on the left of the provincial political spectrum.“More or less, we’re looking for a left-leaning voter who isn’t interested in a referendum on Quebec sovereignty,” said Fortin, who was raised in sovereigntist circles.The Quebec New Democrats avoid the federalist label, advocating instead for an asymmetrical federalism that respects Quebec’s jurisdictions, he said.“There are people (in our ranks) who consider themselves federalist, but the door is open to all political orphans,” Fortin said.The party doesn’t see itself in competition with the Parti Quebecois or Quebec solidaire, despite proposing similar policies, such as free post-secondary education and a $15 hourly minimum wage.“They are left, yes, but they are above all sovereigntist,” Fortin said. Instead, he is targeting disenfranchised Coalition Avenir Quebec and Liberal voters, or those without a political home.The NDP is fielding candidates in 59 of the province’s 125 ridings, well behind such other second-tier parties as the Conservative Party of Quebec, with 101, and the Quebec Green Party, with 97. But Fortin considers the slate respectable, considering a provincial NDP has not run in Quebec since 1994.Fortin, who has taken a leave of absence and sold his condo to commit to the campaign, said electoral success will be measured by credibility raised, not seats won. He is running in the southwestern Montreal riding of Verdun.“I tell my candidates, don’t look at the final results, look at your campaign and how many people you reach,” he said.He got his first taste of politics campaigning for Tom Mulcair in 2007, when the federal NDP made its first breakthrough in the province. He ran and lost twice federally on Montreal’s south shore in 2008 and 2015.The Orange Wave that swept Quebec in the 2011 federal election is a distant memory, but Fortin said that success was connected more to the late NDP leader Jack Layton than the party brand.“We must recognize the reality that Jack was able to seduce an electorate and connect with them, so a lot of people voted without knowing about the NDP,” he said. “They voted for the man.”Four of those 2011 surprise MPs, defeated in 2015, are running provincially.They include Quebec City-area candidate Raymond Cote, who lost the leadership campaign to Fortin but agreed to run in the Jean-Lesage riding. He said the former MPs bring attention to the new party.“Many people told me, finally we’ll have a choice,” Cote said.Concordia University political scientist Daniel Salee said social democrats opposed to sovereignty might be intrigued by the NDP, but it will be an uphill battle when even the federal party is struggling in Quebec.“The NDP at the federal level in Quebec doesn’t have the kind of appeal it did under Jack Layton and (or even) the kind of appeal it still had under Mulcair,” Salee said.last_img read more

  • March Madness Crib Notes For Sundays Games

    West RegionalIN BRIEFGame to watch: No. 1 Wisconsin vs. No. 8 Oregon (87.3) at 7:45 p.m. EDT on TruTVIN DEPTHWisconsin (87 percent) vs. OregonPlayer to watch: Frank Kaminsky, WisconsinOregon’s offense — far and away the strength of the team — came to the rescue against Oklahoma State in the round of 64 as the Ducks shot 55 percent from the floor to outgun the Cowboys in a 79-73 win. But securing enough stops to beat Wisconsin might be a struggle for the defensively challenged Ducks. According to Ken Pomeroy’s ratings, Wisconsin easily owns the best offense in the country, a unit primed to take advantage of Oregon’s weak shot defense and inability to force turnovers. The Ducks also lack the risky traits that sometimes help heavy underdogs chance their way into upsets. But one path the Ducks might navigate to victory is to force the tempo and make the Badgers play at their pace. Oregon had the 33rd-fastest offense in the country this season (as measured by seconds per possession), while Wisconsin had the third-slowest. While Saturday’s top-billed matchups (specifically, Arizona-Ohio State and Kentucky-Cincinnati) looked sexier on paper than any in store on Sunday, day No. 2 of the round of 32 offers some solid games of its own — as well as fewer sleepers. Keep a particular eye on the trio of 2-versus-7 matchups, each of which should be reasonably competitive by the standards of this round.Here’s what else to look for:South RegionalGame to watch: No. 1 Duke vs. No. 8 San Diego State (a harmonic mean of 88.0) at 2:40 p.m. EDT on CBSUpset alert! No. 7 Iowa (27 percent win probability) vs. No. 2 Gonzaga at 7:10 p.m. EDT on TBSIN DEPTHDuke (85 percent win probability) vs. San Diego StatePlayer to watch: Jahlil Okafor, DukeAfter taking care of Robert Morris with ease in its opener, Duke moves on to face the slow-paced, defensively focused Aztecs. San Diego State has a tall team that ranks among the nation’s best at limiting opponents’ shooting efficiency and keeping them from getting to the line. But watch for Duke’s offensive rebounding (spearheaded by All-Everything center Jahlil Okafor) to offset some of SDSU’s defensive advantage. And when the Aztecs have the ball, scoring might be an ordeal. Neither of San Diego State’s two go-to guys on offense — Winston Shepard and Dwayne Polee — could even match the Division I average for efficiency when they ended an Aztec possession, a trend that figures to continue against a solid Blue Devils defense. East RegionalIN BRIEFGame to watch: No. 2 Virginia vs. No. 7 Michigan State (89.5) at 12:10 p.m. EDT on CBSUpset alert! No. 5 Northern Iowa (55 percent) vs. No. 4 Louisville at 9:40 p.m. EDT on TBSIN DEPTHVirginia (72 percent) vs. Michigan StatePlayer to watch: Anthony Gill, VirginiaVirginia didn’t exactly look dominant against a stubborn Belmont team Friday, and now the Cavaliers must face an even tougher opponent in Michigan State. The Spartans have the talent to stick with Virginia — they’d have a 37 percent chance of the upset here if we based our prediction on preseason ratings alone — and their coach is familiar with deep tournament runs. Plus, Virginia operates its offense at a veritable crawl, slowing down the game and inviting the kind of variance that can prove deadly for a favorite. But other than their snail-like pace, the Cavaliers play a sturdy style as upset-proof as any, relying primarily on two-point shooting, ball security, rebounding, and an old-fashioned big, tough interior defense. It all makes for a team with few clear weaknesses, something Michigan State will likely learn the hard way.Check out FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness predictions. Midwest RegionalIN BRIEFGame to watch: No. 2 Kansas vs. No. 7 Wichita State (87.6) at 5:15 p.m. EDT on CBSUpset alert! No. 5 West Virginia (55 percent) vs. No. 4 Maryland at 8:40 p.m. EDT on TNTIN DEPTHKansas (57 percent) vs. Wichita StatePlayer to watch: Fred VanVleet, Wichita StateWichita State’s offense clicked in the second half of its victory over Indiana on Friday, but the points may not come as easily against a strong Kansas defense that ranks ninth nationally in Ken Pomeroy’s schedule-adjusted ratings. The game may come down to whether Wichita State can execute its pick-and-roll — according to Synergy Sports, the Shockers’ pick-and-roll ball-handling efficiency ranked in the 93rd percentile of Division I schools; the Jayhawks’ defense was in the 85th percentile at stopping the play. At the other end, it’s worth watching whether the more interior-focused Kansas offense can adapt to take advantage of a Wichita State defense that dares opponents to move the ball around and shoot from the outside. read more

  • Premier touts better systems for better storm notices

    first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 05 Oct 2015 – Residents were critical over the call not to place the Turks and Caicos more immediately under some kind of warning or watch with Hurricane Joaquin dumping nearly two to three feet of rain, tearing down trees and power poles and forcing a stop to normal activity. It seems the Premier agrees that the time has come to upgrade, but not with a local met office; the nation’s leader believes systems can more easily be improved. “I think more systems because even if you have a met office and you’re not on the ground and with information at your disposal the same thing still occurs, so it is about being vigilant, knowing what is experiencing on the ground. Knowing what’s in the area and making important decisions. Many countries don’t have Met Offices and they do function quite well; Met Offices are indeed elaborate structures, expensive…” Louis Bacon’s Moore Bahamas Foundation Announces Donation To Rotary Club Of The Bahamas For Relief Efforts In The Bahamas Related Items:hurricane joaquin, system notice Recommended for you North to Middle Caicos Causeway behind schedule; residents concerned over Joaquin flooding Atlantic Hurricane Season over; takes 88 lives, costs $590 millionlast_img read more