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  • OUSU hands out copy and paste rent pack (again)

    first_imgOUSU has distributed a guide to college rent negotiations that is almost entirely copied, despite having vowed to change it in Trinity last year. In May the 2007 edition of the rent document was removed from the OUSU website after it was revealed that four-fifths of it was taken from the equivalent guide produced by Cambridge University Student’s Union (CUSU).The guide is intended to help JCRs successfully negotiate with colleges to keep student rents down, and contains legal and tactical advice for organising rent strikes.Anti-plagiarism software reveals that the new version, circulated to JCR treasurers on Tuesday, is 78 percent identical to the CUSU guide, and still does not accredit the Cambridge original.The edition of the rent pack taken down in May contained repeated references to CUSU. OUSU claimed that the wrong version of the pack had been uploaded to their website, and said that a new one would be released. However, the new pack is almost identical to the one removed last year. Dom Weinberg, the OUSU Rent and Accommodation Officer who updated the rent pack, said that he was aware that OUSU had been criticised last year for plagiarising the CUSU document, but “didn’t see it necessary” to attribute it to CUSU.He said, “I worked on what I had last year. Not a huge amount has been changed but some has. I added in bits on making sure the whole college is involved in the negotiations. I deleted the references to Cambridge. I also changed the order of the guide and made an overview page,” Weinberg said.He said that there were no plans to create a new document or take the current one down, and maintained that the inclusion of CUSU’s advice was beneficial to Oxford JCRs.“Surely it’s inevitable that a lot of the negotiation processes are to be similar to those at Cambridge,” he said.OUSU President Martin McCluskey said that he had been largely unaware of the controversy when it erupted in Trinity as he had been studying for Finals, and that the new guide was only a slightly revised version of the 2007 edition. “I’ve basically got the documents I’ve inherited,” he said. A reference to a non-existent appendix, left over from the CUSU original, had still not been removed from the new document. McCluskey admitted that this was an example of “sloppy drafting.” But he said that the rent pack was still broadly useful, and that it was only part of the help OUSU provided to JCRs fighting rent increases.“I don’t see why it’s an issue,” he said. “We’ve got a basic rent document that JCR and MCR Presidents seem broadly satisfied with.”“OUSU also provides support to JCRs in one-on-one meetings. We also provide co-ordination across colleges,” he added.The 2007 document repeatedly referred to ‘College Councils’, bodies which do not exist in Oxford but do in Cambridge. It had been available for four months before OUSU removed it from the website.Maanas Jain, President of Worcester JCR, said that OUSU should have acknowledged that CUSU had provided most of the material for the pack, saying, “I think there should be some tentative recognition that they were going to be similar.”But he defended OUSU’s role in helping JCRs to fight college rent increases, saying, “The whole process this was an extensive one. All JCR Presidents gave in their rent details to the OUSU committee.”last_img read more

  • Oxford remembers Christopher Hitchens

    first_imgChristopher Hitchens, literary critic, journalist and polemicist died from oesophageal cancer on Thursday 15th December, aged 62, sparking a widespread outpouring of grief and mourning.The author, particularly well known in later years for his bestseller God is not Great (2007), often starkly divided opinion. However, his death united many critics in praising both his intellectual vigour and his courage in facing death.Born in 1949, he matriculated at Balliol College in 1967, graduating in 1970 with a third-class degree in PPE. One contemporary of his, Richard Heller (Balliol PPE 1966), remembered a Balliol JCR that was “shared at night between politics and poker”. As a poker player Heller often ignored the political section “which tended to be dreary and derivative as various Marxist sects asserted their unique right to provide a vanguard leadership to the revolution in Oxford University”.However, “one voice from the political section could make the poker players look up from their cards”, that of the young Chris Hitchens (as he styled himself then), “he was ironic, he was funny, he could mock himself as well as his opponents”. Even though they belonged to the two separate sections of the late night Balliol JCR, Heller was “glad that I witnessed the early training of the finest polemic writer since Orwell“.Hitchens was certainly a memorable figure, as Balliol Master Sir Drummond Bone, who was a member of the MCR while Hitchens was in the JCR, can confirm. He told Cherwell that despite the separation “I knew who he was even then – who didn’t?”Hitchens also managed to maintain a strong relationship with Balliol in his later years, through the ‘Pathfinders’ scheme, in which ex-finalists travel around America, liaising with a network of old Balliolites. Although he had given up hosting the students a few years ago, he remained ever-committed and personable.Greig Lamont, who left Balliol in June 2011, had asked Hitchens for assistance in relation to some potential work in Iraq, “I emailed from the west coast, out of the blue, whilst he was laid up in Washington post-op. He replied within hours with nothing but help, suggestions and a list of people I should get in contact with”. Lamont also felt “greatly touched by the warmth (he always ended his emails ‘fraternally’ or ‘love Hitch’) with which he greeted a stranger’s request for help and advice”.Current students also mourned his loss. Jonathan Scott a 3rd year Balliol student, praised him as an intellectually inspiring individual “partly because he’s obviously very clever, and had an incredible turn of phrase, but mostly because nothing was sacred to him”. He also pointed to Hitchens’ intellectual consistency, especially regarding his decision to support the Iraq war, often seen as a turning point for many of his former friends on the left. He stated that “in hindsight, he can perhaps be accused of errors of fact or of prediction, but probably not inconsistency of principle”.Anirudh Mathur, a first year PPE student, also agreed on the issue of Iraq, saying it was “important to distinguish that he was one of the most vocal critics of how the war was actually carried out, even if he was a liberal interventionist”.Hitchens was diagnosed with cancer in June 2010, announcing it publicly in a piece for Vanity Fair entitled ’Topic of Cancer’. His approach to death was much the same as his approach to life, referring to the cancer as “something so predictable and banal that it bores even me”. Hitchens died at a cancer hospice in Houston, Texas and leaves behind his wife, three children, many friends and countless admirers.last_img read more

  • Judicial Council announces tickets for student body presidential elections

    first_imgThe Judicial Council announced three tickets for the upcoming student government elections for the offices of president and vice president for the 2016-2017 term, set to take place Feb. 10.Susan Zhu Three tickets gathered the necessary 700 unique signatures to make the ballot: juniors Dominic Alberigi and Jennifer Cha; juniors Louis Bertolotti and Elizabeth Fenton; and junior Corey Robinson and sophomore Rebecca Blais.A debate between the three candidates is set for Feb. 8. If no ticket receives a majority of the vote, a run-off will take place between the top two vote-getters. Should a run-off election occur, a second debate between the remaining candidates is set for Feb. 14, with a final election to take place Feb. 15, according to the Judicial Council’s website.The winning ticket will take office April 1, succeeding current student body president Bryan Ricketts and vice president Nidia Ruelas.The Bertolotti-Fenton campaign emphasizes transparency, deliverability and unity, according to official platform materials.Bertolotti and Fenton include creating an accessible professor review system, improving Wi-Fi service and celebrating a “hey day” the first Monday after syllabus week, in which students would wear name tags and be encouraged to say “hey,” in order to get to know other students, as just a few of their goals.The Robinson-Blais campaign emphasizes leadership, connection and service, according to official platform materials.Robinson and Blais include overseeing Notre Dame’s divestment from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, designating space in Campus Crossroads as a “ThinkSpace” area in which students brainstorm innovative ideas and rerouting South Bend public transportation lines to better cater to the needs of students, while not inconveniencing Notre Dame staff or the residents of South Bend, as some of their goals.The Alberigi-Cha campaign is placing a “decisive focus” on mental illness, Alberigi said in an email to The Observer on Tuesday evening.“To address this, we are committed to expanding counseling services to better include students with specific needs. Other aspects of our campaign include promoting objective education on important social issues, through forums or debates with prominent public figures, and offering extra courses that align with student hobbies, from culinary courses to greenhouse botany,” he said.Editor’s note: Louis Bertolotti served as a Viewpoint columnist for The Observer last fall. Tags: student body government, student body president electionslast_img read more

  • College to host annual holiday marketplace sale

    first_imgEvery December, the Lillie O’Grady Center at Saint Mary’s hosts the Sisters of the Holy Cross Christmas Bazaar, a holiday marketplace which sells handmade gifts. The proceeds of the bazaar benefit the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The 2017 Christmas bazaar will take place Wednesday from 1 p.m.–7 p.m. and Thursday from 7 a.m.–4 p.m. Sr. Rose Goodrow, director of development, said in an email that “the bazaar has a long history for the Sisters,” as there is even a record of the bazaar occurring in the early 1950s. She said the proceeds from the Bazaar are “split in half,” with the money divided evenly to support the Ministry with the Poor and the other half lending support to the Sisters Retirement Fund. Sr. Jeanette Fettig, Goodrow’s predecessor as the director of development, said the Christmas bazaar is popular with community members and students. “Always, in the first two hours, we have mobs of people — everyone is respectful of one another, however,” she said. “We have a lot of people from the community, some from South Bend, Holy Cross Village and a lot of Notre Dame students. The students love the cards and campus photos.”Fettig said the bazaar is well received because it is reminiscent of a traditional Christmas bazaar that many of the visitors are familiar with. “I had a man come up to me and say, ‘You know, this is a real old-fashioned Christmas bazaar,’” she said. Because the bazaar benefits the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Fettig said those who patronize the event develop a special connection with the Sisters.  “Some of the items are made by the Sisters, and all the proceeds go to the Sisters of the Holy Cross,” she said. “Everyone who comes [is considered] a friend of the Sisters.”Goodrow said many who visit the bazaar have faith the money spent will be put to good use.“Many of the people who come to purchase items at the bazaar had previously interacted with the Sisters somewhere in their personal lives,” she said. “They also know the Sisters will continue to serve the poor as well as support their retired sisters.”Even though Fettig is no longer the director of the event, she has maintained her involvement. “I spend the whole year pricing everything. … All those price tags are written by my pen,” she said.  The Christmas bazaar is run, in part, by volunteers. Volunteer Mary Blume said she got involved in the bazaar because she loves Saint Mary’s, where her granddaughter is a student.  “My granddaughter is a senior at Saint Mary’s, so I love to support Saint Mary’s and everyone in the community,” she said. Volunteer Sally Tobin said she volunteers because she wants to give back to the Sisters.“The Sisters do so much,” she said. “We like to give back.”Tags: bazaar, Christmas Bazaar, holiday marketplace, Lillie O’Grady Center, Sisters of the Holy Crosslast_img read more

  • VEDA approves $18.2 million in business development financing

    first_imgVEDA also approved:· $3 million in financing to Vermont farmers through the Authority’s agricultural loan program, the Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation (VACC);· $398,000 in commercial real estate development financing through VEDA’s Vermont 504 Loan Program;· $439,500 in small business project financing through the Authority’s Small Business Loan Program;· $118,404 in financing through VEDA’s Business Energy Conservation Loan Program, designed to help small businesses make energy efficiency and conservation improvements; and· $27,862 through VEDA’s Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund, designed to repair or improve existing privately-owned drinking water systems.Source: VEDA. 8.23.2010. VEDA’s mission is to promote economic prosperity in Vermont by providing financial assistance to eligible businesses, including manufacturing, agricultural, and travel and tourism enterprises. Since its inception in 1974, VEDA has made financing commitments totaling over $1.5 billion. For more information about VEDA, visit is external) or call 802-828-5627.-30- Business financing of $18.2 million was approved by the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA), helping to advance a number of economic development projects throughout Vermont.‘New jobs will be created in Vermont, and current jobs retained, with the help of VEDA financing,’ said Jo Bradley, VEDA’s Chief Executive Officer. ‘These business development projects will bring new growth to the manufacturing, technology, agricultural, tourism, and small business sectors of Vermont’s economy.’Approved by VEDA are:Dealer Dot Com, Inc., Burlington ‘ A financing package of $6.4 million in tax-exempt Recovery Zone Facility Bonds and $1.3 million in direct lending was approved to Dealer Dot Com, Inc. to help support the company’s expansion plans in Burlington.  Founded in 1998, Dealer Dot Com is the global leader in Internet marketing solutions and technology for the automotive industry. Dealer Dot Com is a rapidly growing, significant employer that plans to create a large number of good paying jobs over the next few years.   The company plans to purchase and substantially renovate the Lake Champlain Chocolate Company distribution facility on Pine Street in Burlington to create over 72,000 square feet of quality office space in the facility.   Dealer Dot Com’s headquarters is currently located in the adjacent office condominium.   Peoples United Bank has agreed to purchase the Recovery Zone Facility Bond being issued by VEDA to partially finance the Project at an attractive interest rate.Burlington Community Development Corporation, South Burlington ‘ A package of up to $3.5 million in bond financing and direct lending was approved to the Burlington Community Development Corporation (BCDC) in connection with the 40,000 sq. ft. airport hangar and office facility at the Burlington International Airport that BCDC constructed in 2006 and leases to Heritage Flight.   BCDC is a non-profit corporation formed by the City of Burlington to carry out economic development projects.  VEDA gave final approval for the issuance of $2,977,500 in tax exempt revenue bonds to be purchased by Union Bank to refinance the VEDA’s 2006 tax exempt loan on the property.  To facilitate the transaction, VEDA also approved approximately $539,000 in additional financing to cover various related fees and expenses.   The refinancing will help BCDC reduce its annual debt payments and fix the interest rate on the tax exempt bond at a low rate for 10 years.Bariatrix Vermont, Inc., Georgia ‘ Financing of $1.08 million was approved as part of Bariatrix Nutrition Corporation’s $2.7 million project to purchase and renovate the former Vermont Fastener’s Sales building in the Georgia Industrial Park. HSBC Bank is also participating in financing for the project. Bariatrix, a Canadian manufacturer of high-protein nutritional products for 35 years, has been operating its distribution and light manufacturing center out of leased space in South Burlington for 20 years. Relocation to the larger Georgia facility will enable the company to maintain inventory in one location, and expand its product offerings. The company presently has 17 Vermont-based employees, a number expected to grow to 22 within three years of the expansion project.Larkin Family Partnership, d/b/a Smart Suites Hotel, White River Junction ‘ With the assistance of $1.3 million in VEDA financing, the Larkin Family Partnership plans to extensively renovate a 110-room hotel in White River Junction long operated as an EconoLodge franchise. Mascoma Savings Bank is also participating in financing for the $5.5 million project. Once renovated, the hotel will be converted to a Smart Suites extended stay hotel. John and Marilyn Larkin, the principals of the Larkin Family Partnership, have developed and managed a wide variety of real estate projects primarily in Chittenden County over the past 30 years, including residential apartment buildings, assisted care and nursing homes, and a variety of hotel properties, including the Smart Suites multi-building complex on Shelburne Road in South Burlington.Amoskeag Woodworking, Inc., Colchester ‘ VEDA approved $538,000 in financing to assist Amoskeag Woodworking in their plans to purchase Morse Hardwoods and Millwork Company and their facility in Fairfax.  Founded in 1992 as a home-based business, Amoskeag Woodworking has grown over the years to utilize 13,500 square feet in combined leased and owned commercial space in Colchester.  Designers, fabricators and installers of all types of interior architectural millwork, Amoskeag plans to move all manufacturing and warehousing functions to the new Fairfax facility, while maintaining the Morse Hardwoods manufacturing line. Morse Hardwoods retail operation will move from its Essex location to combine with Amoskeag sales offices in Colchester.  Amoskeag Woodworking employs 28 people, a number expected to grow to 40 within three years of the expansion project. Peoples United Bank is also participating in financing for the $1.46 million project.· Rhapsody Natural Foods, Inc., Cabot ‘ VEDA approved loans totaling $76,152 to Rhapsody Natural Foods, Inc. to help finance construction of a 1,000 square foot food manufacturing facility in Cabot. Rhapsody Natural Foods produces tempeh (a high-protein cultured soyfood), and amazake (a fermented rice drink), available through two New England distributors, and locally throughout Central Vermont. They also produce smoothies, vegetable eggrolls, and maple syrup sweetened cookies for their Rhapsody Café on Main Street in Montpelier. The $210,000 project will allow Rhapsody to improve efficiencies and expand their tempeh, amazake, and eggroll production, now taking place in their Montpelier restaurant kitchen. It is expected that jobs at Rhapsody Natural Foods will increase from 1.5 to 5 within three years of the project.last_img read more

  • Official Notice: Family law form amendments

    first_img Official Notice: Family law form amendments In Amendments to Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms — Stepparent Adoption Forms, No. SC02-516 (Fla. March 28, 2002), reproduced below, the Florida Supreme Court adopted new and amended family law forms addressing stepparent adoptions. The forms became effective immediately and are based upon recently enacted adoption laws, sections 63.022-.039, 63.0425-.0427, 63.052-.132, 63.142, 63.162-.165, 63.202-.219, 63.2325, 63.235, Florida Statutes (2001), which became effective October 1, 2001. See ch. 2001-3, §§ 6-33, 37, Laws of Fla. The court invites all interested persons to comment on the new and amended forms, which are reproduced in full online at An original and eight copies of all comments must be filed with the court on or before May 31, as well as a separate request for oral argument if the person filing the comment wishes to participate in oral argument, which may be scheduled in this case. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA AMENDMENTS TO FLORIDA SUPREME COURT APPROVED FAMILY LAW FORMS — STEPPARENT ADOPTION FORMS, CASE NO. SC02-516 AMENDMENTS TO FLORIDA SUPREME COURT APPROVED FAMILY LAW FORMS — STEPPARENT ADOPTION FORMS. [March 28, 2002] PER CURIAM. The 2001 Florida Legislature enacted new adoption laws, sections 63.022-.039, 63.0425-.0427, 63.052-.132, 63.142, 63.162-.165, 63.202-.219, 63.2325, 63.235, Florida Statutes (2001), which became effective October 1, 2001. See ch. 2001-3, §§ 6-33, 37, Laws of Fla. Pursuant to the procedures approved by this Court in Amendments to the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure and Family Law Forms, 25 Fla. L. Weekly S708, 26 Fla. L. Weekly S13 (Fla. Sept. 21, 2000), this Court has internally reviewed the Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms and determined that both new forms and amendments to existing stepparent adoption forms are necessary as a result of the legislation. We have jurisdiction. See art. V, § 2(a), Fla. Const. Input on this issue was sought and received from the Advisory Workgroup on The Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms, which provided valuable assistance as to which additional forms were needed as a result of the new legislation and which forms required amendment as a result of the new legislation. The Workgroup provided valuable assistance in the drafting of the forms. We hereby adopt the following new forms as Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms: 1 Petition to Terminate Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(1); Affidavit of Nonpaternity, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(4); Notice of Petition to Terminate Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption and Notice of Hearing, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(6); and Final Judgment Terminating Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(7). We likewise adopt amendments to these existing Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms: Termination of Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption: Consent and Waiver by Parent, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(2); Stepparent Adoption: Consent of Adoptee, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(3); Termination of Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption: Affidavit of Diligent Search, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(a)(5); Joint Petition for Adoption by Stepparent, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(b)(1); and Final Judgment of Stepparent Adoption, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(b)(2). These changes require renumbering of the following forms: Petition for Adoption of Adult by Stepparent, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(c)(1); Petition for Adoption Information, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(d)(1); and Order Releasing Adoption Information, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(d)(2). The forms are adopted as set forth in the appendix to this opinion, fully engrossed, effective for immediate use. However, due to the number of new forms and amendments to existing forms, we direct that these forms be published in The Florida Bar News so that any interested person may file comments with this Court within thirty days of such publication. adoption of these forms, we express no opinion as to their correctness or applicability, or on the substance of the new legislation. This Order and the forms discussed herein may be accessed and downloaded from this court’s Web site at It is so ordered. WELLS, C.J., and SHAW, HARDING, ANSTEAD, PARIENTE, LEWIS and QUINCE, JJ., concur. 1 F orm 12.981(a)(1), Joint Petition for Adoption by Stepparent, has been amended and renumbered as Form 12.981(b)(1). Form 12.981(a)(2), Petition for Adoption of Adult by Stepparent, has been renumbered as Form 12.981(c)(1). Form 12.981(b), Stepparent Adoption: Consent of Adoptee, has been amended and renumbered as Form 12.981(a)(3). Form 12. 981(c)(1), Stepparent Adoption: Consent and Waiver by Parent, has been incorporated into new Form 12.981(a)(2), Termination of Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption: Consent and Waiver by Parent. Form 12.981(d), Stepparent Adoption: Affidavit of Diligent Search, has been amended and incorporated into new Form 12.981(a)(5), Termination of Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption: Affidavit of Diligent Search. Form 12.981(e), Petition for Adoption Information, has been renumbered as Form 12.981(d)(1). Form 12.981(f), Order Releasing Adoption Information, has been renumbered as Form 12.981(d)(2). Form 12.981(g), Final Judgment of Stepparent Adoption, has been amended and renumbered as Form 12.981(b)(2). The new form entitled Petition to Terminate Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption is designated as Form 12.981(a)(1). As was stated above, former Form 12.981(a)(1), as amended, has been renumbered as Form 12.981(b)(1). The new form entitled Termination of Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption: Consent and Waiver by Parent, has been designated as Form 12.981(a)(2). Other new forms are: Form 12.981(a)(4), Affidavit of Nonpaternity; Form 12.981(a)(6), Notice of Petition to Terminate Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption; and Form 12.981(a)(7), Final Judgment Terminating Parental Rights Pending Stepparent Adoption.a Official Notice: Family law form amendmentscenter_img May 1, 2002 Noticeslast_img read more

  • Cops: Blue Point Burglars Nabbed

    first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Two Blue Point men were arrested Thursday for a burglary in their hometown, and one of the men is accused of hitting four other homes in the area in the last week, Suffolk County police said. The men, 33-year-old Edward Hines III and 40-year-old Christopher Breitkopf, who live at the same address, were nabbed less than two hours after police said they allegedly hit a home on Oakwood Drive. A resident at the house called 911 at 2:10 p.m. after realizing the home had been burglarized, police said. Detectives, who were already patrolling the area due to a recent spate of break-ins, arrested the pair just before 4 p.m. after obtaining a description of the alleged suspects from a witness. An investigation later revealed, police said, that Hines III was allegedly responsible for four additional burglaries and one attempted burglary between July 17 and July 24, all in Blue Point. Hines III was charged with five counts of second-degree burglary and one count of second-degree attempted burglary. Breitkopf is facing one count of second-degree burglary. They were both held overnight at the Fifth Precinct and were scheduled to be arraigned Friday at First District Court in Central Islip.last_img read more

  • The study of the VAT rate in tourism predicts 41% less investment and 71% less new employees by 2021

    first_imgAccording to the results of the study and estimates of the fiscal effect of the existing rate, the state will start earning less from 2019 according to the new rates than according to those from 2016. A VAT rate of 10% gives greater fiscal effects compared to the increased rate as early as 2025 due to the difference in investment intention and inflow of new accommodation. The economic effects of the current rate by 2021 compared to a rate of 10% mean 41% less sectoral investment and a loss of more than 2,5 billion euros of potential investment, 71% less new employees, 13% less value added and over 11.000 high quality accommodation units less.In order to ensure a further intensive development cycle in tourism and encourage the development of related activities, it is proposed to equalize the VAT rate on organized accommodation and catering at 13% from 1 January 2019 and reduce the rate to 10% in the next three to four years. “Regardless of the unfavorable business environment, hoteliers will continue to invest because raising the quality is necessary for survival in the market. However, in comparison with competing countries, the investment and development cycle of Croatian tourism is endangered because constant changes in the tax environment in the long run create distrust among investors and distance us from the higher value offer we strive for. Reduced VAT rates can contribute to more competitive prices, increased revenues and profits, job creation and higher wages, reduce the gray economy and encourage investment,”Said the president of the Association of Hoteliers of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Ronald Korotaj.Side dish:Presentation summary / Analysis of the impact of the VAT rate on the competitiveness of the accommodation and catering industry in Croatia Complete analysis / Analysis of the impact of the VAT rate on the competitiveness of Croatian accommodation and catering activities With the current VAT rates, only minor positive effects on fiscal revenues are possible, while in the long run we can expect a smaller number of sectoral investments, a reduction in the number of new employees, lower gross value added and lower quality accommodation units., is the conclusion of the analysis of the impact of the VAT rate on the competitiveness of organized accommodation and catering in Croatia, point out the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.The analysis of the impact of the VAT rate on the competitiveness of the Croatian accommodation and catering industry, prepared by HD Consulting in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, includes an assessment of the direct economic and fiscal effects of different VAT rates on a cumulative five-year period. competing Mediterranean countries and the rest of the European Union. “The previous reduction of the VAT rate in tourism from 2013 to 10% resulted in the most intensive increase in investment and employment since Croatian independence. Today’s implementation of tourism policy is not in line with the Tourism Development Strategy until 2020, since one of the priority measures is a proactive fiscal policy and that VAT rates on organized accommodation and catering are higher than all Mediterranean competitors. This puts Croatia at the bottom of the business environment competitiveness scale. Compared to the 10% rate, this means 41% less sectoral investment by 2021 and 200 hotels less in the next 10-15 years,”Said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Trade, Tourism and Finance of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Josip Zaher, commenting on the results of the study of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Analysis of the impact of the VAT rate on the competitiveness of accommodation and catering”, which was prepared on the initiative of the Association of Hoteliers of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.As stated in the analysis, in order to ensure a further intensive development cycle in Croatian tourism in accordance with the Tourism Development Strategy, as well as to encourage the development of related activities, it is proposed to equate VAT rates on accommodation and catering with those in the Mediterranean – in two steps:from 1.1.2019. equalization of the VAT rate on accommodation and catering at the level of 13%within the next 3-4 years reduction of the VAT rate on accommodation and catering to 10%, thus establishing competitive conditions in the Mediterranean circle.In addition to the competitive VAT rate for accommodation and catering, other fiscal and economic measures should be introduced that will enable maximum synergy effects with tourism-related activities, the analysis points out, citing as one of the conclusions that Croatian tourism is in exceptional conditions. favorable situation for expansion and it is difficult to estimate how long that situation will last. If there is a change soon due to more favorable conditions of our competitors, or some unforeseen negative for Croatia, it is difficult to expect that we will soon find ourselves again in such favorable conditions for a strategic turnaround of the most important national economic sector.”If we look at the realization of investments from 2014 to 2017 of 2,1 billion euros, Croatian tourism does not achieve the goal of 7 billion euros set by the Tourism Development Strategy until 2020. In the European Union, 18 countries apply a rate less than or equal to 10% for hotels, and 17 countries apply a reduced VAT rate for restaurants. The rate of 25% on catering, along with Denmark, is the highest in the EU in Croatia”, Said the representative of the executor of the study HD Consulting Branko Bogunovic, presenting an analysis that took into account competing countries, strategic documents, previous performance of the sector and a survey of entrepreneurs to simulate the economic effects of changing VAT rates in organized accommodation and catering.last_img read more

  • Tired of letter writer’s hateful, sexist letters

    first_imgRe March 11 letter, “Don’t forget all of Hillary Clinton’s flaws”: Really, John Osterlitz, you write a letter to the editor because you want everyone one to be patriots and stop with the lies and hate, and then proceed to fill your letter with nothing but hate, lies and unproven stories.It really amazes me that you truly believe your own lies and once again grace the pages of our newspaper to spew your hatred, bigotry and sexism, as you’ve done in countless letters in the past.Well, this is one reader who will tell you I’m sick and tired of your endless crusade to criticize and demean anyone who disagrees with your political views.JOSH HERMANCERotterdamMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more